Fig Research Institute Introduction

Introduction to Jiaxiang Fig Research Institute

Jiaxiang Fig Research Institute was founded in 2001,it is located in Jiaxiang County Shandong Province.The Institute Breeding FIG tree seedlings (fig cutting \air layer\ fig tree saplings)by Cuttings or tissue culture method,Planted fig (いちじく) 500 hectares, It is the largest fig plantations in China.

The Institute have the most Fig(いちじく) varieties in China, And have been introduced more than 100 varieties of fig: such as Stella、Banana、Qingpi、Bojihong、Jinaofen、wuhan、Xinjiang、Hardy Chicago、Negronne、Beall、Green Santa Pau、Short Bridge、Royal Vinyard、Bourla Sotte Grise Panachee,and etc. 
      The products  include the followings: Quick-freeze Fig,  preserved fig, Freeze dried figs,fig candied fruit, Fig leaf tea, fig fruit jam, fig fruit juice, fig fruit wine, and etc. 速凍イチジク(FD イチジク)、イチジク砂糖漬けの果物、無花果缶詰 、凍結乾燥イチジク、など.

Address:Jiaxiang County city Shandong province ,China



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